Retention is a major focus for subscription companies

Retention is a major focus for subscription companies 800 450 Scriberbase

Yet, historically, companies haven’t understood how to manage churn.

For example, most don’t realize that there’s a key difference between voluntary and involuntary churn – the former being a customer service problem, and the latter being a card decline problem.

While I won’t address how to solve credit card decline problems in this post (I’ll do that later this week), I’ll offer a few pieces of insight on how best to service customers who are on the fence of canceling.

Saving a sale starts with ‘incentives’ – namely, incentives that are in the interest of the CUSTOMER, not the company.

Good incentives help reduce subscriber churn by roughly ~30%/year.

Here are some effective tactics, ranked most important to least

Most important:

  • Re-iteration of value proposition (I/e: Why and how the subscription is of value to them) — >> If your CS team can’t explain this in 5 seconds or less, you’re done.


  • Discount(s)
  • Account credit(s)
  • Plan downgrade to lower price tier
  • Subscription ‘pause’/ hold/ skipped payment
  • Additional benefit(s)
  • Free product