Voice recognition and subscriptions

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The subscription economy is poised to provide a fully automated shopping experience – where the majority of consumer goods get purchased by subscribing, selecting a frequency of delivery, and checking out using ‘voice recognition’.

Yes, this means the Amazon ‘Subscribe and Save’ model, at scale, everywhere.

In other words, automating the purchase and delivery cycle of every product is not far off.

The combination of smart technology, predictive data, and sophisticated software can determine what goods are delivered when and to which household.

Today, the global market for smart speakers sits at roughly $9 billion. That number is expected to leap to $30 billion by 2024.

Estimates suggest Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are spending roughly 10% of their research budgets on voice recognition technology.

We’re headed into a world where voice recognition becomes the most common way to interact with the Internet.

Sure, Amazon has the goal of getting you hooked on Prime …

But having Alexa in your kitchen and bathroom means a quick shout-out when you’re out of milk or toothpaste, and a confirmation from Alexa that both will be delivered next day…

Oh, and Alexa will ask if you’d like to automate recurring deliveries via Subscribe and Save so you never have to think about it again.