Meta’s new subscription service

Meta’s new subscription service 700 300 Scriberbase

Meta’s new subscription service will pilot in Australia and New Zealand this week.

This initial version includes:

  •  A verified badge confirming the user’s authenticity.
  •  More protection from impersonation with proactive account monitoring
  •  Access to customer support
  •  Increased visibility and reach like search, comments, and recommendations.

The cost is $11.99/month for FB and IG accounts via web browser or $14.99/month for subscriptions through devices running on Android and IOS.

The benefits to Meta:

  • Direct, recurring revenue from users
  • Increased engagement
  • A competitive offering in the wake of Twitter, Reddit, and Snap having launched similar services
  • A hedge against the current ad revenue slowdown

Will this work?

The initial feature set is weak.

Account verification, protection from fraudsters, and access to customer support are foundational pillars users expect free of charge.

The real question is, does Meta begin providing an alternative to Patreon and OnlyFans, allowing subscribers to better connect with, and potentially monetize their audience?

Expect the service to move in this direction as it expands.