What does listening to vinyl have to do with building a brand?

What does listening to vinyl have to do with building a brand? 665 443 Scriberbase

The power of experience.

Listening to digital music is convenient, but there’s nothing unique about it (sorry Spotify, it’s true).

Anybody can listen to a song, in the same format, at the same time, without any discernible difference in the experience itself.

Yet, a mid-70’s UK vinyl pressing of the famous Beatles album ‘Revolver’, will sound (and look) different than one pressed in Japan, or Germany.

All re-releases of the iconic Beatles LP in stereo will be different than a mono recording. Add in vintage ownership wear and tear, and no record will sound the same.

That audible and tangible difference in one’s copy of Revolver, coupled with where and when it’s listened to, elevates the whole meaning of consumption and ownership.

Much of what I’m describing here, is why we’ve seen a major resurgence in vinyl as a medium.

What does this have to do with building a brand?

EXPERIENCE as a core tenant of a business model is VERY powerful.

Brands that offer a unique experience for their consumers, will crush their competition.


Products and services are repeatable, fungible, and interchangeable.

But a great experience is difficult to duplicate when executed effectively.

In the words of Jimi Hendrix, “Are you experienced?”