A happy customer is a loyal customer

A happy customer is a loyal customer 700 300 Scriberbase

Do not solely rely on CS software like Zendesk to manage your inbound customer service and ticketing.

Relying on software and systems to manage your customer lifecycle is risky.

While technology can help streamline processes, it can’t replace the human component needed to build loyalty.

Here are some downsides to relying solely on systems like Gorgias, and Zendesk to act as your “customer service department”:

✦ Lack of personalization: Automated systems don’t provide the same level of personalization.

✦ Inflexibility: Predefined workflows may not always align with customer needs.

✦ Inability to resolve complexity: Customers may require human intervention to resolve complicated issues, resulting in frustrated and dissatisfied customers if they are relying on a chatbot.

✦ Lack of empathy: Automated systems can’t display the same empathy as a customer service agent who understands what a customer wants.

✦ Missed revenue: Automated systems may miss opportunities to upsell or cross-sell, resulting in the potential for lost revenue. 💲

To improve retention rates, strike a balance between automation and live agent servicing.

Use technology to streamline routine tasks.

Use live agent servicing to double down on personalization and resolve complexity.

Remember, a happy customer is a loyal customer.