Canadian subscription companies making the grade, EH!

Get Canucked

Get Canucked is a sub-box company that connects people all over the globe with their favourite Canadian snacks. These snacks are virtually impossible to come by in the US and other parts of the world. Get Canucked allows customers to receive great Canadian snacks, monthly.

Launched by Jim Campbell, people all over the world can now enjoy a variety of snacks that are only available in Canada. The goal of this Canadian-based subscription company is simple. The company wants to share the Canadian snacking experience with everyone, worldwide. It is Jim’s passion for Canadian snacks (they taste so good, who wouldn’t be passionate about them) that led him to create this unique sub-commerce model.

Jim’s sister and her 4 children, all Canadian natives, made a move to the US years back. The kids were desperately missing tasty staples such as Mr. Big bars, Coffee Crisp, and Ketchup chips. Every time they had the chance, the kids would beg their uncle Jim to mail these exceptional Canadian made snacks over the border. With that in mind, Get Canucked was created as a way to ensure that individuals with a passion for these Canadian treats would be able to get their hands on them monthly.

For fellow subscription box owners Mr. Campbell offers up a word of advice, “try to be really organized from the start, keep track of everything, and spend time to understand the inner-workings of your business as you grow.”

Roasters Pack

Roasters Pack started from a love of coffee and an inability to find good roasters. The solution – created by founders Suneal Pabari and Adam Frank was to source delicious artisan coffee independently roasted from all over Canada. Their mission also included the desire to help customers discover new and interesting coffees every month, while creating a unique experience. Suneal was introduced to great coffee in Costa Rica, prompting curiosity and passion to create something on his own.

Today, from a small office in Oakville Ontario, just west of Toronto, Roasters Pack is continuing to grow and they boast a YouTube channel that has been viewed over 100,000 times. The channel helps coffee lovers learn to brew, taste and absorb the art and science of coffee. They’ve worked with well-known roasters such as Baratza, Abid, De Mello Palheta, Detour, and others. Suneal explains the many elements that go into brewing a fresh cup, including the way grinding, impacts the brewing process.

Future goals for Roasters include learning to continuously grow their subscription base, expand into B2B by way of offices and other start ups, and continue to deliver the best coffee experience in Canada.

For lovers of Canadian made snacks and top of the line coffee, Get Canucked and Roasters Pack offer great options to indulge.

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