Subscription Box Profile: The Boodle Box

The Boodle Box is an Orlando, Florida based sub-box company that sends a monthly dose of beauty and fashion accessories to teen and tweens. We connected with co-founder and CMO Desiree Stahley to get the scoop on her company, as well as her advice for other sub-box company owners.

Hi Desiree! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Before co-founding The Boodle Box in 2014 with my mom, I was the VP of Marketing for a real estate company. I went to Stanford for my undergrad and masters, and then to Duke for business. Once I finished school, we started this company. I now work at our San Francisco location.

 What is the story behind The Boodle Box?

It started by a fluke. One Christmas, I gave Birchbox subscriptions to a couple of my aunts. As the boxes started coming in every month, their daughters were jealous. We did some research and found that there weren’t really any sub-boxes for girls their age. So we started our own.

What’s inside the boxes?

We make boxes for two age groups: ages 6 to 11, and ages 12 and up. The younger group gets things like bath stuff, school supplies and age-appropriate beauty products, and the teen group gets makeup and accessories.

There are five to seven items in each box, usually centering around a theme. For example, in January, the boxes were filled with panda bear stuff. Our boxes have a message as well. Each quarter, we focus on a cause that speaks to this age group. Pandas are endangered, so we had a “Save The Pandas” bracelet in the panda box, and proceeds from that quarter are going toward building a panda nursery.

Who tends to buy the boxes and what has their feedback been like?

Mostly grandparents, other relatives and parents. The feedback has been really sweet. We’ve heard from parents saying that their daughters love the boxes. We’ve heard from grandparents saying that gifting a Boodle Box to their granddaughters has given them something to talk about every month. One quarter, we focused on anti- bullying, and we heard from a mom who said it gave her daughter the courage to talk to a teacher about a bully in her class.

Tell us about your slogan, “uncover us. discover you.”

The subscription box industry as a whole is about discovering new products you wouldn’t normally find in stores. It’s especially fun for teens and tweens because they’re at the age where they’re finding out who they are and what they’re interested in.

Are there other sub-boxes like yours? What sets you apart from them?

There have been a few similar ones that have popped up since we started. We feature great quality products, and our price point is the lowest amongst our competitors.

How do you promote your company?

Social media has been huge for us to connect with our audience. We also have a number of companies and mommy bloggers who we send our boxes to, and they do a great job of promoting us. We were featured on The Talk over the holidays, and we’re still recovering from that!

What is your advice for fellow sub-box company owners?

Brace yourself! There are so many things that go into this business that you wouldn’t anticipate.  You’ll never have everything totally put together, so just pull the trigger and go. You’ll figure out the kinks along the way.