In the last 15 years, 52% of fortune 500 companies have disappeared. However, brands like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Salesforce, WeWork, Ipsy, and Dollar Shave Club are thriving, through the pursuit of customer loyalty; using subscription as their core business model. 

In an "access economy", where competition is fierce, it’s not hard to understand why loyalty is so critical. Yet, few companies get it. Consumerism is no longer about the transaction: it’s about the relationship. 

An increasing number of brands are attempting to take advantage of the growing subscription economy. However, most aren’t clear on how to:

- Develop a subscription concept
- Establish a viable pricing model
- Build a robust front-end site
- Set up fulfillment and logistics
- Integrate CRM and billing systems
- Scale profitably while preserving cash flow
- Maximize customer lifetime value
- Prevent refunds and churn
- Track KPI’s 
- Implement exceptional customer service

Brands who get one of these steps wrong, risk the total viability of their subscription play. This is where we come in.

Scriberbase provides solutions and consultancy to businesses operating in the subscription economy. Clients have a desire to create loyalty and recurring revenue, using a subscription model. The Scriberbase process is focused on new business model generation, and exploiting subscription go-to-market opportunities. Once a “play-book” is established, concepts quickly move to execution where we build, manage, and execute subscription models at scale.

We bring expertise, experience, and a breadth of solutions to the table, through the right combination of in-house offerings and trusted partners. From website design, to back-end billing integration, fulfillment and customer service, we do it all. Our goal is to bring the pieces together to turn a subscription vision into a reality. 

We work primarily with established brands, but regardless of client size, our objective is consistent: build a subscription model that works at scale. 

The Subscription Economy is here, and we are taking businesses forward. 




  • Higher profit margins

  • Higher customer lifetime value

  • Increased brand loyalty / engagement

  • More predictable inventory flow

  • Detailed analytics

  • Simplicity for both customer and business

  • Shopper convenience

  • Automation of operations