E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed

Giving back to the entrepreneurial community, Adam Levinter interviews high-profile guests that share actionable wisdom.


E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed

Giving back to the entrepreneurial community, Adam Levinter interviews high-profile guests that share actionable wisdom.

Mike Gettis founded Endy in 2015 – Canada’s fastest-growing vertical e-commerce company and market leader in the online mattress space. After the big sale to Sleep Country Canada in 2018, Mike has gone on to launch Kilne. In this one, we discuss Mike’s experience growing and selling Endy; how marketing has shifted during the pandemic; trends related to D2C, and how he’s taken advantage of the momentum in eCommerce, and more. 

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Ahmad Munawar is the Founder and CEO of the 90day pipeline and advisor to 7 figure consultants. He has gone from an accountant at Ernst and Young to the forefront of the digital marketing world. In this episode, we discuss “imposter syndrome”, and why having it is a good sign; the importance of committing to mastery; why power positioning is the first step in getting marketing right; how to think about scaling a consulting practice, and much more.

Originally aired: Dec 2, 2020

Tony Chapman is one of the youngest individuals inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends, a testament to a storied career in the ad agency world.  Tony has spoken around the globe on all topics related to marketing, advertising, and branding.  In this EP, we cover the latest Forbes global brand rankings; we also discuss the latest trends in retail; the importance of attention, and selling into “moments”; #Bezos, and more. 

In this episode, we chat with the CEO of Ether Capital, Brian Mosoff. In this round 2 with Brian, we get his take on the recent bull run and this year’s run-up in the value of both Etherium and Bitcoin – we also talk about stable coins; all things NFT’s (non-fungable tokens), and the latest trends in that sliver of the market; access points where the average person can invest and much more.  

Kirk Simpson is the co-founder and CEO of Wave, an accounting software company supporting over 400,000 active small businesses. Wave was acquired in June 2019 by H&R Block for over $537M – the 7th largest tech exit in Canada since 2001. In addition, Kirk was honored as one of Canada’s Most Admired CEOs in 2019. In this EP, we discuss the company’s rise to prominence on the Fintech stage; the company’s sale to H&R Block, and important pieces of advice Kirk shares with his kids. 


Originally aired: 2018

Alex Ikonn has co-founded several businesses (Luxy Hair, Five Minute Journal, Productivity Planner) and also runs a creative agency called Dreamers & Creators, based in London, UK. He shares all of his entrepreneurial and life activities with his wife and business partner, Mimi Ikonn, who is by all accounts, a major online celebrity. In this episode, we discuss Alex’s businesses, the serendipity that is the “Tim Ferriss Effect”, growing a company through organic content, and more. 

Mark Ang is the co-founder and CEO of Second Closet, Canada’s largest valet-storage company. Second Closet has raised over $35M in financing and is over 600 people strong. In this episode, we talk about the first few years of working 18 hours a day;  getting punched in the face, both metaphorically and literally;  the importance of articulating core values; Mark’s views on taking venture money;  the shift to fulfillment from consumer storage services; and much more.

Elly Gheno is the Founder + CEO of BootayBag, an intimate subscription box for women.  Elly’s initial version of the company started as store-bought undies repackaged in recycled Amazon boxes with tissue paper and a love note; it’s now turned into a full-blown brand and community of women, with over 210k followers on Instagram. In this EP, we discuss the birth of the brand, Elly’s appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, what it means to be a first-time female founder at the helm of a huge success story, and more.

Bradley Taylor is an independent high-end watchmaker. He previously founded Birchall and Taylor before going out on his own to produce some of the most beautiful timepieces in the world. Schooled in Le Locle, Switzerland he spent 3 years learning the craft before earning certifications from both Patek Philippe and Hublot. In this EP, we discuss Brad’s origin story; his latest series; the bustling secondary watch market; the “big 3” – Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin, and much more. 

Today is a conversation with Mark Cigos, the Co-Founder of Buddha Brands Co. The company’s hugely popular Thirsty Buddha coconut water is flying off retail shelves and is a market leader in natural organics.  In this EP, Mark and I discuss the state of play in grocery and organics; tech trends in the food sector and what lies ahead; how consumer behavior has changed, and what changes might be permanent; challenges related to work culture and leadership during a pandemic, and more.