E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed

Giving back to the entrepreneurial community, Adam Levinter interviews high-profile guests that share actionable wisdom.


E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed

Giving back to the entrepreneurial community, Adam Levinter interviews high-profile guests that share actionable wisdom.

Dan Demsky is the co-founder of Unbound Merino – a clothing brand that has its nailed positioning around product quality, and lifestyle. In this EP we discuss Unbound’s success with Facebook ad buys, why top entrepreneurs wear a “uniform”, whether Amazon is going to move fast into luxury goods, and more. 

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Brian Mosoff is the CEO of Ether Capital (ETHC). In this EP, we discuss the recent bull run and the run-up in the value of both Etherium and Bitcoin; we also chat about Bitcoin and Etherium as safe-haven assets; the role of major exchanges; access points where individuals can invest in cryptocurrency, and more.  

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Adam Mutschler is a Partner at The Kedar Group, and has a tremendous understanding of how leaders work in high stakes environments ranging in scope from startups to Fortune 100’s. He is also a go-to for anything related to US politics. In this episode, we discuss the Presidential debates, Trump’s COVID19 diagnosis, what election outcome increases the probability of major civil unrest, the possibility of state succession, and more. 


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Mark Cigos is the Co-Founder Buddha Brands Co. The company’s hugely popular Thirsty Buddha coconut water is flying off retail shelves, and is a market leader in natural organics. In this episode, we discuss the pandemic and what lies ahead, how grocery has been affected, what the future might look like for the category of organics, entrepreneurial strategies to preserve cash, and more. 


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(In dedication) – John Ruffolo is the founder of OMERS Ventures and the co-founder of the Council of Canadian Innovators. He has invested over $500 million of capital in over 40 technology companies including Shopify, Hootsuite, Wattpad, and others. John also sits on the board of Canopy Rivers, Continuum Residential REIT and Ether Capital. In this EP, we discuss Canada’s response to COVID19, and the first phase of reopening, why testing needs to be privatized, what economic recovery looks like, and more.

Originally aired: May 28, 2020 

David Priemer is widely recognized as a thought leader in the area of sales and sales leadership. Often referred to as the “Sales Professor”, David helps organizations drive revenue growth, people development, and winning cultures by infusing the core principles of science, empathy, and execution into their sales operations. In this deep dive into sales, we discuss why people buy, objection handling using the word BECAUSE,  why we seem to hate salespeople, and much more. Enjoy!

This episode was recorded back in early March 2020, with Satish Kanwar, the current GM, and VP of Product at Shopify.  Because things were developing so quickly related to the Coronavirus, we never did get a chance to release it, so here it is! Satish oversees the development of eCommerce, retail, and multi-channel shopping for over one million merchants globally. He previously co-founded Jet Cooper,  which was acquired by Shopify in order to establish its product development footprint in Toronto. Enjoy!

Isaac Langleben, is the co-founder of Open Farm Pet Food, one of North America’s fastest-growing premium pet food companies. In this episode, we discuss the growth of the pet industry, and how Millenials have changed the entire market for pets and related products; we also discuss how shopping behavior has changed during the pandemic; Isaac’s plan to crystalize the customer experience online; working alongside your spouse and more. 

Steven Holmes is the President of GOBA Sports group, and the co-founder of Springfree Trampoline. In this one, we discuss how the virus has impacted Springfree’s business, in particular, how it’s bolstered demand for trampolines in every major market across the globe;  how the company has responded to this shift to backyard play; GOBA’s supply chains, Chinese manufacturing, why preserving quality is key and much more. 

Brian Smith, is the founder of Ugg, one of the biggest global footwear brands. He is back on the show for a second time to discuss his pivot out of public speaking in the wake of the pandemic, and his latest start-up; we also discuss key lessons from Brian’s book, The Birth of a Brand; his experience navigating through recessions; why Brian ultimately decided to sell UGG in 1995, and more.   “It takes a societal shift to build a billion-dollar company”