We build subscription businesses

We help companies build / scale/ optimize their subscription business while avoiding costly mistakes.

Transform customers into loyal subscribers.

Commerce has shifted from a transactional economy to a relationship-driven one; where subscription business models are anchoring today’s most successful companies and will continue to do so for years to come.

We help you achieve:

Consistent recurring revenue

Higher Enterprise Value

High customer lifetime value

Superior customer loyalty

How does Amazon continue to find phenomenal success?

Find out in this free chapter of Adam Levinter’s The Subscription Boom

    You’re in good company.

    Here are some businesses we’ve worked with:

    Scriberbase helps companies build their subscription business in order to drive recurring revenue, customer loyalty, and ROI.

    Whether it’s Amazon, Netflix, Door Dash, Roblox, Harry’s, Spotify, or Salesforce, winning companies have leveraged subscription as their core business model.

    The Digital Learning team of the Royal Conservatory of Music worked with Adam at Scriberbase to rework our business strategy. In a collaborative way, we were able to come up with a clear, actionable strategy, update our business model and pivot our online offering. Scriberbase was definitely the best business partner to help us reset.

    — VP of Digital, Royal Conservatory of Music

    Work with Adam to help pivot your business model

    Scriberbase is the brainchild of Adam Levinter. Using lessons learned (and mistakes made) over 7 years as a founder & CEO of a subscription/membership company, in combination with research for his best-selling book, “The Subscription Boom”, he founded Scriberbase; a consultancy uniquely focused on the subscription space. His book offers key lessons, use cases, and success stories of companies like Amazon, Dollar Shave Club, Spotify, Netflix, and others – and the common thread that runs through all of them: subscription.

    Adam is also a lecturer at the University of Toronto, and the host of the popular podcast, E2 Entrepreneurs Exposed.

    The Subscription Boom

    It’s tough to make a business work by selling your customers something once.

    The key to driving growth in the digital-first economy is rooted in a business model as old as print magazines.

    Learn how companies in a variety of industries – including retail, consumer packaged goods, automotive, technology, grocery, music, media, and more – have crushed the competition by using subscription, and how your organization can do the same.

    Leading insights on subscription, and business model innovation

    Stop chasing one-time transactions.
    Start creating recurring revenue. 

    Let us show you how to shift.