The Subscription Boom
Why an old business model is the future of commerce

Uncover the secrets behind brands like Amazon, Shopify, and Netflix

The Subscription Boom

The Subscription Boom

Learn how to apply their business model to your organization.

“The Subscription Boom shows Adam’s profound understanding of how this business model became so important, why it works, and, most importantly, how to use it.”

— Brian Smith, founder of UGG

The Subscription Boom reveals the origin stories and growth strategies of companies like Netflix, Shopify, Amazon, and Spotify, all of which are using the “stickiness” of subscription to build higher customer lifetime value – while traditional brands continue to struggle.

While the concept of subscription dates back to the 1600s, the modern digital boom came in 2012 when hundreds of companies earned ubiquitous buzz for selling monthly boxes of just about anything that could be packed and shipped. Since then, the business model has reshaped entire categories of goods and services.

In this book, you’ll find the key lessons that make the subscription model so compelling, and its advantages for those who use it in their business.

Meet Adam Levinter

Author and founder of Scriberbase

Adam Levinter is the founder, CEO of Scriberbase. Widely regarded a “subscription expert”, Adam is the author of The Subscription Boom: Why an Old Business Model Is the Future of Commerce (2020). His thought leadership has been featured in the NY Times, Forbes, Axios, and the Washington Post.

He is also a lecturer at the University of Toronto, an advisor at Bain & Company, and the host of popular podcasts ‘Shopify Masters’ and ‘E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed’.